Saturday, November 21, 2009

Notes: 5 countries in 3 weeks, Part 5

Indonesia, Bali

Heaven on Earth

Where the rhythm of life is totally different and beyond fences and bodyguards there are islands of luxury and happiness.

Eu care credeam ca doar la toaleta in fundul curtii….aici, ai baie de marmura si dus in afara camerei pe care ai rezervat-o la hotel, in curtea interioara...

If you miss the sunset on the beach, take a walk on the Sunset Road and time will stop for a moment.

Best food I ever ate. Dinner at Ku De Ta or in “The Living Room”, a pumpking soup with prawn dumplings con un retrogusto di chilly…semplicemente da morire…

Letting the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to touch your tired legs and leave traces of black sand on your ankles

Finding Nemo at Tulamben, ship wreck form the second WW. Scuba diving there… sounds exciting? Well…I panicked and I realized how great it is to have someone holding your hand even for a few seconds…

The most amazing colours under water, the most peaceful faces at a temple ceremony, the highest volcano on the island, the rice terraces and the Balinese massage. Am sarit Ubud, big mistake according to my friends.

Si daca fugiti, ca si mine, de gushteri si soparle…ei bine, in Bali iti pot fi colegi de camera…sincronicitati asiatice :)

When the plane takes off…a contradictory feeling embraces you…although you are heading towards the skies…you feel like a falling angel…
Sometimes there is no need to know the why…

Mind the…Geccos

Notes: 5 countries in 3 weeks, Part 4


History at every step you take
Where the entrance fee in the contry (20 USD + 1USD the visa picture if you haven’t got a passport type one with you) is lower than the fee you need to pay at departure (25USD)…you might want to stay :)

Where there is no need to exchange money as you can pay everything with US dollars and you can even get US dollars at the cash machines.
Where the blend of history and foreign tourists can drive you crazy sometimes :)

Unde la aeroport sunt 7-9 ofiteri care dau din mana in mana pasaportul fiecarui turist; bag de seama ca te fac sa te simti important :)

Where the rivers go back (Mekong) to fill in the land and change many lives.If you go to Siem Reap, take at least one journey to Tonle Sap lake to see the floating village and the bamboo skyscrapers village (15$/person each boat ride) and see as less temples as possible…and forget your photo camera at home, otherwise you will be more focused on taking pictures than enjoying the experience. A 3 days tour to Angkor Wat, the biggest religious complex in the world it’s 40 $. If you add the transport…it’s not going to be that cheap anymore.

Where a trip to the silk factory might remind you of childhood when you were a witness at the whole process…the smell took me back in time 20-25 years ago…

Where you can get lost in several sunrises at Angkor Wat Temple while your body and mind are celebrating the beauty of life, because, no matter what, you are among the lucky…

Where at karaoke, on the song list you can find the famous “Always Coca Cola” and the negotiation is the game of the day.

Where when your soul is burdened…go to the green temple and tell your secret to a stone. Your secret will be safe and your soul will be lighter…

Mind the…tuk tuk

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Notes: 5 countries in 3 weeks, Part 3


The mix of cultures, languages, taste, smell, architecture… unde singura constanta este schimbarea.
The national symbol is Merlion, an imaginary creature with a lion head and a fish body – another way of saying that the impossible can be possible…
Curat, safe, civilizat, scump, secco. Inghetata cu paine.
Intre mare si nori sunt sute de vapoare.

De dimineata, nu iti fie teama ca nu te vei trezi, singaporezii au cel mai eficient si natural ceas desteptator: tunetele.

Friends welcoming you with presents. Sincronicitati. Meeting people you have’t seen in decades. Intrebarea la moda este: “ce ai mai facut in ultimii 10 ani?”. Eating the best sushi ever. Letting your body immerse in a clear blue swimming pool, right after the rain…

Taste the Singapore Sling while the piano is taking you on an unforgettable joy ride si lasa cateva lacrimi de fericire deplina sa ti se piarda in obraz

Must see: Singapore Botanic Gardens
Must listen: the sound of the rain forest
Must wear: umbrella (just like in London :))
Must experience: swimming with pink dolphins (or you can try sharks…if you want :) )
Must drink: Teh Tarik (a delicious hot beverage made of black tea and condensed milk – combinate printr-un autentic proces de incaierare)
Must not really eat: Laksa (traditional food very much enjoyed by visitors and locals…pentru mine cu efect laxativ – in orice rau e un bine :)) or Durian (the very controversial fruit al carui transport este interzis in metroul din Singapore)

Experince living in the present through looking people in the eyes when thanking and offering something with both hands.Dacing bare feet…forget about anything else…just BE!

Mind the… Peacocks

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notes: 5 countries in 3 weeks, Part 2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The taste of curry si senzatii tari de la pesti “ciugulitori”, oameni care (se) vand ieftin pentru ca se numara printre cei care castiga bine, redescoperiri in arta fotografica. Now it’s raining, in a few minutes…sun is shining. Seeing the world from above. Specialized malls.

Important: If two policemen on a scooter stop you at the crossroads, don’t be afraid…they are just willing to help you (especially if you are… blonde and lost :) )

Tips: negociate, you can get a 10-50% discount; cheap and clean accommodation (88 hotel inn, close to Time Square…in KL not NY :)); almost every 30 minutes there are buses from the main railway station (KL Sentral) to the low cost airport (warning: there are 2 airports in Kuala Lumpur, check your ticket before getting a taxi – for 100 rgt night time); go see Petronas Towers by night, they are spectacular (to go up, you need to get there before 8:30 am, get a free of charge ticket and wait for your turn, closed for visitors on Mondays); to see the city from above, try the Menara Television Tower and this way you can identify what would you like to explore more in Kuala Lumpur (for a fee of 38 rgt); try fish reflexology, the funiest thing I’ve ever tried

And if you come across “Jalan Bulan” too many times, it’s a sign: there’s gonna be full moon soon in your life.

Mind the…fish

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