Sunday, December 13, 2009


You wished for a book, a picture and a cake. And because your normal soul is so much warmer, I am sending you the book of time so you can choose to live in the now for later and the book of love that says the voice of your heart speaks wisdom. The picture that I take with my green eyes is on a beach, at sunrise so you have a whole new shiny life in front of you… As for the cake…hmmm…I should combine sweet and bitter in a unique proportion to invite you to taste life as it is…

You cannot touch these gifts with your hands though, but with the colour of your beautiful eyes you can get lost in their meanings

This is my Present…
The Present is yours…

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Cineva face parte din trecut
Altcineva este din viitor
In prezent totu-i gol
Te invartesti intre zambete si lacrimi si zboruri frante
Aripi bandajate se lupta fara nici un sens, fara nici un spor
Te cobor
Din rangul pe care ti-l atribuisem si te declar orb
N-ai vazut lumina din ochii mei
N-ai vazut culoare pielii mele in diminetile de dupa tine
Ai hotarat…te-ai inselat
Nu vezi bine

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