Saturday, October 24, 2009

Notes: 5 countries in 3 weeks, Part 1

Guide to the one who is adventuring in reading these notes. I will write as I will feel, sometimes in English sometimes in Romanian or Italian. I intend to share my thoughts, starile mele de gratie and informazioni on the places and people.
I invite you to fill in the gaps :)

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Eleganta pe biciclete si berea pe trotuar.
I missed the combined sound of Slovak, Dutch, Romanian and English, the taste of Holandse Neue Haaring, the view of 2 bikes, the touch of an old map and the smell of freedom.
I got lost in the music of the planes taking off and the strong colors-red, green, yellow and blue- of a soul e ho lasciato I miei sogni riposarsi nella “camera da letto” (Van Gogh, 1888).

For 7 hours transit time in between flights we took a return ticket from the airport to the city (7,40 Euros cash, if you succeed in paying with card is only 6.40, we didn’t :)). For a 45 minutes walk from Amsterdam Centraal and 12,50 Euros, it’s worth visiting Van Gogh Musem .

We made a bet on who’s going to sit next to us, my guess was a Spielberg type of man…but my calculated deviation proved to be 1 row and two seats, Edith’s option…disappeared:).
On the plane, as any adventurous blonde Romanian, was trying to watch a movie but I called the flight attendant because I was pushing each botton seeing that my remote did not work :) (it was a too early try, it takes a while before they turn on the screens with movies and games) .
Am fost intrigata ca scaunul meu nu se lasa pe spate si m-am incapatanat sa tot apas pe buton pana cand tanarul simpatic de langa mine mi-a spus foarte delicat…acela este butonul de la scaunul meu :)…noroc ca nu servisera inca bauturile :).

Mind the…Bikes and the Buttons

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Despre autobiografie

"In cele din urma, la Florenta in 1904, am gasit metoda cea mai buna de a scrie o autobiografie: incepe-o de oriunde, nu din vreun anumit moment al vietii tale; vagabondeaza in voie prin intreg taramul vietii tale, vorbeste numai despre lucrul care te intereseaza pe moment si abandoneaza-l in clipa in care interesul pentru el risca sa paleasca; indreapta-ti atunci privirea asupra unui lucru nou, mai interesant, care ti s-a impus intre timp atentiei. De asemenea, fa din naratiunea ta o combinative de jurnal si autobiografie. In felul acesta obtii un contrast intre elementul viu al prezentului si amintirea unor lucruri asemanatoare din trecut – contrast ce-si are farmecul lui…”

Mark Twain

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